Annual General Meeting - 2nd July 2022

This year we are hosting our annual Distance Riding New Zealand AGM on the 2nd of July 2022 at the Millenium Hotel and Resort Manuels Taupo.

This is the first year we are hosting our AGM at this venue and there is a range of accommodation available for members that would like to stay. Attached is the accommodation options and costs. Members need to call or email directly to the Millennium Hotel Taupo to book. Using the code: Distance Riding NZ . If you are keen to stay at Manuels we suggest you get your booking in quickly as there are a limited number of available rooms.

Our AGM will begin at 2pm. Following this will be our annual awards, which gives us a chance as a community to celebrate all the amazing achievements made by our equine and human members this season.

After this there will be a chance for us to catch up while the hotel sets up for us to have dinner, which will begin at 6.30pm. Dinner will be a beautiful three course buffet and costs $60 per adult and $30 per child (Under 10). You must purchase these meal tickets on our website and fill out the online form (The same way you would enter for a ride). These will open on the website in the next couple of days, we will let you know when, tickets must be purchased by 24th June in order to give the hotel enough notice.

Our AGM is also the place when any rule changes happen. Therefore if you have any proposed rule changes please email these to You will need to include the current rule you are wanting amended (If relevant). These need to be submitted before 5pm on the 10th of June 2022 if you are wanting them to be considered this season. These rule changes and all other information will be included in our AGM Papers. These and Proxy forms will be sent out to you by the 27th June. Please note that all proxy forms (included in your AGM papers) must be emailed to no later than 30th June. This is to give us time to ensure that all those voting are eligible to do so. The proxy forms will then be returned to the Proxy prior to the start of the AGM.This is also the time for members to suggest any possible new events. Please email suggested dates, venues and distances to the no later than 20th June.

Our annual awards are given out depending on kilometers achieved this season, as well as successfully getting through multiple events etc. However there are two awards that require nominations. These two awards are “Volunteer of the Year” and “Sportsmanship of the Year”. If you know a member who you feel is deserving of the following awards please send through a nomination to outlining who the member is and why you believe they deserve to win this award. All nominations will be considered and the Committee will make the final decision. Please send any nomination through no later than 20th June.

We also celebrate lifetime kilometer awards for both horse and rider. All kilometers achieved at DRNZ are on record, however if you have achieved any with another endurance riding organisation we still acknowledge them. However in order for us to do this, we require proof of this (eg. Certificate, vet card etc). You can provide this by emailing If you wish to ​receive a certificate for your horse and badge for your rider kilometers then please complete this form by June 10th.

This season we have several committee members who are at the end of their term and are moving on. Therefore we are calling for committee nominations for the 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 seasons. If you have a passion for DRNZ and would like to give back to our sport this is a wonderful team of hardworking volunteers for you to join. If you are a person who is interested in contributing to the future growth of DRNZ and becoming part of our team, we would love to hear from you!Nominations need to be made using the attached nomination form and signed by two current financial members of DRNZ. Please send your nominations to All nominations need to be received prior to 5pm Monday the 20th of June. If you have any questions or queries regarding this, feel free to email us and ask or speak to any of the current standing committee members (information found on the DRNZ website).

At DRNZ we also offer two annual scholarships. One is for a Senior rider and one is for a Youth rider. These scholarships will allow the two recipients to have free ride entries for the 2022-2023 season. These two riders must be ambassadors for DRNZ showing high levels of horsemanship and sportsmanship. These riders (or their guardians) will also be asked to keep the community updated with their achievements for the season.

We are incredibly excited to celebrate the massive 2021-2022 season and we look forward to seeing you all there!