Pro-Dosa BOOST Sponsorship

DRNZ has partnered with Pro-Dosa and is proud to offer our members an amazing deal on Pro-Dosa Boost Syringes:

  • You can purchase individual syringes for $30 each and have the choice of either paying for postage or collecting from any DRNZ event.
  • If you are a DRNZ member, you have the additional option of purchasing a box of BOOST Syringes (12 individual tubes in a box) for $325 with free freight!!
  • Non-DRNZ members can purchase a box of BOOST Syringes for $360 + postage

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What is Pro-Dosa BOOST
Pro-Dosa BOOST is a comprehensive, balanced, bioavailable multi-nutrient paste for horses. It has been formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, competition, transport, or stress.

Originally developed as a pre-race product, Pro-Dosa BOOST is now used throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the Middle-East in racehorses (flat, national hunt, Standardbred, and Arabian), endurance horses, polo ponies, show jumpers, eventers, and dressage horses after hard training, for competition, and for travel.

Many horsemen and veterinarians use Pro-Dosa BOOST more frequently as needed in individuals that require greater nutrient supplementation to maintain normal health, appetite, or metabolism.

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